(What is PEZCO?)  


PEZCO is a network for the people who love fishing established by Kenji Tanaka, who had moved into Colombia in Feb.2008,  just to enjoy the fishing culture in Colombia in Oct.2009. However Colombia has a great potential of fishing with its richness of nature, unfortunately, there isn't much information about fishing and also there are some danger for going fishing alone in this country.


PEZCO was made up to solve such problems. The missions are to find a good member for going fishing together, to be a communication tool for the ones who love fishing and to organize lots of information that might be given by our friends and introduce it to you in Japanese, English and Spanish at the same time. When we have got more crews we would love to organize some fishing trips or tournaments.


PEZCO is totally opened for any kinds of people who like fishing and it is absolutely free to join in our network. Since we have now just established the network and we are not able to provide good services, PEZCO is always growing up with its lovely crews. If you are interested in PEZCO, please do not hesitate to send us by E-mail or leave a message at our forum.


We will be delighted if you send us some information about fishing in Colombia or send us some photos that you have got a great fish. We will put it into our photo gallery in our web.









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